Klima mainstay Angele David-Guillou is a one-off; a London-based French singer-songwriter whose muse effectively synthesises a subtle array of influences from the wider shores of both Gallic and Anglo-American pop, rock and electronica to create highly personal music of unique allure. Angele delivers her richly melodic essays in a voice thatís both conversationally intimate and smoulderingly sensual; yet, her songs, brimming as they are with wry lyrical apercus and insightful, autobiographical observations, range way beyond the parameters of the stereotypical, kohl-eyed French chanteuse. Indeed, Klima's pointillist marriage of guitars, electronics, strings and intriguing atmospheres stake out a shimmering musical realm where time stops, an oasis of finely poised introspection, carefully immured against the distracting torrent of modern urban life.

A classically trained musical all-rounder, Angele ís first genuine influences were Neil Young and Simon & Garfunkel, though her pre-adolescent tastes also ran to the electric blues of Muddy Waters (I love the way the different layers of guitar are almost the same but not exactly, sometimes it's almost dissonant) and, when she was fifteen, Sonic Youth and the Buzzcocks. From there her horizons opened further. I discovered electronic music with the likes of Aphex Twin and Isan and realised I loved repetitiveness in music - which is why I also love Steve Reich - as well as slowness.

This rich matrix of influences coheres implicitly in the glittering Klima sound. I realised I wanted to try and reach an electronic, or even classical way of writing music, Angele affirms, with repetitiveness and patterns evolving slowly, but with more guitars than electronic instruments.î

Klima's self-titled debut album, released on Peacefrog in February 07, bears triumphal testament to the efficacy of Angele modus operandi. Lyrically, her songs remain singular, free from obvious influence, apparently untethered to any specific precedent. Playful yet elusive, filled with intimate, quotidian references, the lines often honed to a haiku-like essence, her words are agreeably approachable yet tantalisingly elusive.

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