In spring 1997, Matthew Chicoine, aka Recloose, made contact with techno pioneer Carl Craig by way of a now legendary 'demo on rye sandwich'.

This now infamous (and tired) story has been referenced to death, and weíd all prefer not to revisit the details. Instead, letís focus on what it led to- the near immediate signing of Recloose to Planet E and the beginning of a promising musical career for one very talented individual. Reclooseís musical roots trace back to eight years of studying music and playing jazz saxophone, later shifting his focus to the art of mixing, cutting and dicing vinyl whilst at college in Ann Arbor, Michigan. His eclectic DJ sets, which were first heard on college radio, have led Recloose to become an in-demand DJ, playing at clubs and festivals around the world.

Having spent time performing as a turntablist for both Carl Craigís Innerzone Orchestra, and the more esoteric Uri Caine ensemble, Reclooseís musical activities have always been remarkably diverse. This sonic liberalism, and ensuing trans-global travel, have provided Recloose with an impeccable musical palette to work from.

Since the fateful meeting with Carl Craig, Recloose has developed into a true standout of Detroitís musical litter. The past 7 years have seen a number of groundbreaking 12ís released, a mix CD for Belgian label Eskimo, and a host of remixes for the likes of Herbert, Tei Towa, MJ Cole and Clara Hill. Recloose, consistently gathering musical momentum, released his debut album ëCardiologyíÇ on Planet E / !K7 in 2002, to large critical acclaim. On a trip to Wellington, New Zealand in 2000, where he performed as part of the cityís international jazz festival, Recloose fell in love with the people, and country itself, and following the release of Cardiology, embarked on the lengthy process of relocating himself and studio to the Kapiti Coast.

Currently Recloose resides in the beach town of Titahi Bay in New Zealand. The burgeoning musical scene of nearby Wellington has offered fresh inspiration to a mind already brimming with talent. Summer 2005 saw the release of Recloose's second album and debut on Peacefrog, ëHiatus On The Horizoní, an album that encompasses live instrumentation, soul-fuelled vocals, and featuring many of Wellingtonís established and rising musicians. It stands as an unlikely musical fusion of the sounds of the South Pacific and the not so distant memories of the Motor City, and captured the imaginations of many a listener with floor stompers like ëDustí, featuring Fat Freddyís Drop vocalist Joe Dukie.

Following this release Recloose has spent much of his time fine-tuning and performing at high profile gigs around New Zealand (including several national TV appearances) with a full-live band featuring some of Aotearoaís premier musicians. The band will be taking off for an Australian tour in January and European tour in late February. Between gigs Recloose is hard at work in the studio concocting a new EP for Peacefrog, further building on the potent musical collaborations started on ëHiatus on the Horizon.



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