Steve Pickton first appeared on the UK scene with a release on B12 Records under his Stasis monicker, he then released a number of 12" and albums under several other guises including Stasis, Paul W. Teebrooke, Phenomyna and The Otherworld Collective, whilst also running his own Otherworld label.

Steve Pickton's music is characterised by a dreamy, melodic, melancholic and yet powerful, driving, energetic sound, combining Detroit-influenced beat patterns and basslines with beautiful string sounds.

In 1994 his debut album 'Inspiration' was released and thereafter 'From The Old To The New' in 1996, at this stage he turned to a more alternative sound, incorporating numerous styles and influences into his productions.

At the end of 2003, Peacefrog released 'Past Movements', a compendium of Steve's recording history taking in his finest moments under his many guises. The majority of these 12" are rare classics & are now long deleted. From the beautiful & delicate heartfelt strings of 'Point Of No Return' to the morphed disco electronic elegance of 'Funky purple Hot pants' these tracks are timeless classics that deserve to be heard by a wider audience.


Stasis Inspiration PF028 Stasis From The Old To The New PF046 Stasis Past Movements PFG046