'Master Mix: Red Hot + Arthur Russell'

Arthur Russell can be a vexing subject for tribute, for all the many reasons he was peculiar and unique. Few other expressive cellists have proven to be especially good with disco, as he was, and the same applies even more the other way around. Add his capacity — from the 1970s until his death in 1992 — for expressive synth-pop, free-flowing folk and even airs of country music, and the makings of a truly inimitable character are born.

Count it as a feat, then, that Master Mix: Red Hot + Arthur Russell pays tribute by throwing more at Russell's musical persona than a musical persona would seem suited to withstand. Assembled as a benefit for the Red Hot Organization's ongoing fight against AIDS (which counts Russell among its victims), the double-length collection gathers figures from indiedom and outsider-music circles of various kinds.

Hear José González take on "This Is How We Walk On The Moon".



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