Nomi Ruiz (Jessica 6) interview on Diapo France

Who are you Nomi Ruiz? For how long have you been singing? How do you define your music?

I've been singing since before i could speak in full sentences. I would define my music as soul/pop.

Since 2009, you collaborate with Morgan Wiley and Andrew Raposo and you are known as Jessica 6. Can you say some words about this part of your life?

I love the beauty of collaboration. This is what Jessika 6 represents to me. It's music that will only exist when Andrew, Morgan and I get together and free ourselves in the creative process.


The record "White Horse" is as much languishing as releasing. What is it talking about?

"White Horse" is about indulgence. About feeling free by losing yourself in the night life and about the strengh as well as consequence of those actions.

On the stage, videos, always look sexy and enchantress. Is it an important face of nomi ruiz 's character? 

Definitely. It's also a part of who i am outside my work. I love to exaggerate feminity. I feel empowered by feminine energy and push that through sexuality and fashion.

A Jessica 6's album is in process...So can you reveal some of the aspects which will make the album's music?

The album is called "See The Light" and is a journey through various flavors of pop music. It goes from dance to r&b, new jack swing to soul and psychedelia. The lyrical content is very personal to me. Like a diary of the past 2 years of my life.

Your appearances in Fun Girl and White Horse 's video shot are really strange and mysterious. What kind of environment would you like to express in next videos?

I would love to incorporate more dancing and choreography in the next video.

I have been in NYC last just closed to the Brooklyn Museum. For you, what is the best place in NYC? 

I love the neighborhood i grew up in, Sunset Park. It's the perfect place to go shopping for something sexy then get some great latin food, walk through the park and enjoy a view of the entire new York City skyline.

What is the best club for dancing?

Cielo on Sunday's when Honey Dijon is Djing

Do u like contemporary art and performance art?

I love photography and video work as well as art installations.

Which artists do you love?

I am lucky to have many close friends who are amazing artists such as Haluk Akakce, Antony Hegarty, Bianca Cassidy, Alice O' Mally.

Which vocalists do you love?

I love Nina Simone, Donny Hathaway, Dusty Springfield, Ray LaMontagne, Adèle, Amy Winehouse.

You spent one year with Hercules and Love Affair. What could you tell us about this experience...

It was amazing being on so many stages and performing for so many people.

You already came to Paris as i learnt watching a video of you on a bridge. Did you love your trip? What do you think of the city?

It's such a beautiful city! I love walking around at night when you can get lost in all the sexy neon lights. Also has the best lingerie shopping as well as my favorite dessert...the banana/nutella crêpe.

What about french music artists?

Les nubians.

Now, what is the next step?

More tourning. Playing bigger and better shows all time and always creating more music for the world.

An interview by Mehdi Brit